The Original Days of Alden Park

The first of Alden Park’s three buildings, Manor, opened in 1926, and the rest followed suit within the next few years. Designed by Edwin Rorke and developed by Lawrence E. Jones, Alden Park was built in the style of Jacobean and Stuart architecture of 17th century England. The original 30 acres, later enlarged to 38, were formerly the Strawbridge estate - built in 1885 and home of Justus C. Strawbridge, the creator of Strawbridge’s department store.

Many of the Strawbridge estate amenities originally remained during the transition to Alden Park, including the sunken gardens and even the resident gardener himself. Over the years, Alden Park was home to numerous families and long-term residents, especially those of prominent status - such as Richardson Dilworth Jr. and the family of Grace Kelly. In 1980, Alden Park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, and on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Through the Ages

Entrance to the Manor.

Image from Alden Park catalog. 1927

Pool with Manor seen through open roof.

Image from Alden Park catalog. 1928

Residents next to pool building, August 1939.

Image from Alden Park catalog. 1939